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1 Season 7 Episode

A Small Blade

General information

Episode TitleA Small Blade
Air date2013-05-19


Attack on Titan Saison 1  Episode 7
Attack on Titan Saison 1  Episode 7
Attack on Titan Saison 1  Episode 7

Synopsis of Attack on Titan Saison 1 Episode 7

The evacuation of the citizens is completed. But Jean, Armin, Sasha and several other soldiers are short of gas and unable to escape from the battlefield. Mikasa appears looking for Eren, and learns from Armin about his sacrifice. She then rallies the others to move forward and reach the supply depot while defeating the Titans in their way. However, Mikasa ends up running out of gas leaving her unable to escape and hopless with Eren’s death, she accepts her death. But just as a Titan is about to catch her, she reacts by instinct and defends herself. Vowing to honor Eren’s memory and never give up again, she steels herself to fight to the end and watches in shock as the Titan that is attacking her is defeated and killed by another Titan, that for some reason, starts attacking others like him instead of humans. Armin rescues Mikasa and they watch the rogue Titan defeat several other Titans with ease, showing that it somehow knows their weak point.




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