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1 Season 3 Episode

A Dull Light in Despair

General information

Episode TitleA Dull Light in Despair
Air date2013-04-21


Attack on Titan Saison 1  Episode 3
Attack on Titan Saison 1  Episode 3
Attack on Titan Saison 1  Episode 3

Synopsis of Attack on Titan Saison 1 Episode 3

Drill Instructor Keith Shadis begins inspecting the new recruits by verbally insulting and intimidating the weak ones. When Sasha Browse is caught eating a potato during the drill, she is punished to run around the camp until exhaustion. She is later taken back to bed by Ymir and Christa Renz. Eren has a rivalry with Jean Kirschtein, as the latter wants to join the Military Police because their only job is to protect the inner city walls, whom Eren finds cowardly. The recruits begin training using 3D Maneuver Gear by maintaining their balance in the air. Eren has trouble balancing his Gear, so he asks Reiner Braun and Bertholt Fubar for help. As Reiner and Bertholt give advice to Eren, the three of them, including Armin, head to a nearby lake. Both reveal that they came from a town that was not warned of the Titans’ attack. Despite surviving, Reiner wants to go back to their hometown.




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